Thursday, November 1, 2007

Horrible Writing

I don't know what's gotten into everyone but the writing on tv and in movies has become unbearable. I've never heard such bad dialogue and seen unrealistic situations ever in my life. This is even on some of my fave shows too. Like honestly, on Brothers & Sisters, Rachel Griffiths' character losing custody of her children. Why? Because she had her ex-husband pick-up her children and drop them off at school. No sense! Defies logic! What the hell?!

Bionic Woman please cancel this show or center the show around Katee Sackoff's character, Sarah Corvis. She's more interesting and twisted. (On a side note, this woman needs her own show. She's too good to be a supporting player. Catch her on Battlestar Galactica) Let me preview some dialogue from the pilot. This a scene between the bionic woman and her boyfriend.

Bionic woman: Why do you like me?
Boyfriend: Because you're different.

I rest my case.

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