Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going Into the Wild

Although I haven't seen the movie yet I have high praise for the soundtrack. The soundtrack is only 30 minutes long, but I find myself rewinding it to listen to it all over again. I watched Richard Roeper's review and he remarked how well the music fits the movie. I can tell without watching the movie the mood each songs gives me. The opening song titled " Setting Forth" gives off an adventure vibe. A man going out into the world with hope and optimism. With "Hard Sun" I picture people encircling a campfire clapping and singing along. To sum it up, it's worth buying and you will find yourself listening to it over and over.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thoughts on the Writer's Strike

The thing that gets me about this whole writer's strike is the complaint from the producers that there is no money. We all know a good deal of money is being made on DVDs. If things are as dire as they say how is it possible that movies costing $300-$400 million dollars get made? Spiderman 3 and the latest Pirates of the Carribean were those types of movies. Both movies got panned by critics and audiences; yet, still made a ton of money. Goes to show you it's not the millions of dollars put into a movie that makes it great-it's the writers!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Horrible Writing

I don't know what's gotten into everyone but the writing on tv and in movies has become unbearable. I've never heard such bad dialogue and seen unrealistic situations ever in my life. This is even on some of my fave shows too. Like honestly, on Brothers & Sisters, Rachel Griffiths' character losing custody of her children. Why? Because she had her ex-husband pick-up her children and drop them off at school. No sense! Defies logic! What the hell?!

Bionic Woman please cancel this show or center the show around Katee Sackoff's character, Sarah Corvis. She's more interesting and twisted. (On a side note, this woman needs her own show. She's too good to be a supporting player. Catch her on Battlestar Galactica) Let me preview some dialogue from the pilot. This a scene between the bionic woman and her boyfriend.

Bionic woman: Why do you like me?
Boyfriend: Because you're different.

I rest my case.