Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoddy Writing Part II: Gossip Girl

It's time that I revisit an example of Sh*tty writing on a TV show again. This time I will discuss Gossip Girl. This show is teetering on the edge for me and is so close to being dropped from my DVR. This show used to be appointment TV and not something I would need to DVR. The show has lost most of its charm not because Chuck and Blair got together but the show has veered into character assassination. Characters I use to love and enjoy are being turned upside down and inside out to fill contrived plot points. Case in point, Serena's mother Lily who in the first season felt that Rufus was the love of her life. The man she let go because of societal pressures by her mother. That was a beautiful love story right there up until this season. For no reason whatsoever, Lily has been spending time with Serena's father perhaps for some conjugal visits? Rufus in turn becomes so insecure he sleeps with a lady neighbor. Now for two people who love each other so much and have been to hell and back would it make sense for them to sleep around on each other?

Next up, is Jenny Humphrey. I use to love this character, because she was actually one of the few people on the show who had career aspirations. She wanted to be a designer and she got an internship with Eleanor Waldorf. Then she became Ms. Know-it-all and tried to start her own fashion line. Shortly after that the character fell apart and has turned into a raccoon eyed, man-stealing tramp. Please writers give us back the Jenny we used to know and convince her that she doesn't need that much makeup!

Following in his sister's footsteps is Dan Humphrey. Loved him when he was with Serena up until he got hijacked into character assassination hell! He became insecure and whiny about the differences in status between him and Serena. He then became a Man Ho and was sleeping around with all kinds of girls. He had a disastrous relationship with the character played by Hillary Duff before settling with Vanessa. Frankly, he's a background character on this show. He's the new Nate! Remember how Nate was a background character until he got with Serena? Granted there were a few nice moment like the uneasy alliance with Chuck and Nate, but what really needs to happen is put him back in Serena's orbit. This doesn't mean they have to be romantically involved, but it doesn't make sense that she's his step sister and he has no idea what is going on in her life.

Lastly, can we give some character growth to Serena! The girl has been stuck in the same rut. First off, constantly needing men to define her. She goes relationship to relationship with no pause or reflection. Any time she needs a man's attention she becomes dramatic and does dumb things like act drunk or steal horses. Next off, not going off to college alienated her from core character and stories. Serena's idiot decision to not go off to college and hang around the house trying to figure out what she wanted was the dumbest story arc ever! Granted she had a few jobs, but they were not about her gaining new insight into herself. She became a part of the PR business to prop up Hillary Duff's storyline. She got involved in politics so she could have an affair with a politician. See what I'm talking about? There were no lessons learned, no choices to be made, everything was done to serve a contrived storyline.

I hear that the season finale will be explosive. I don't care for shocking story lines. What I want is for these characters to be pieced back together and made whole. I will give the show a chance till then, but I feel that it is too far gone.