Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There is hope

While I was working on my weekend job, the power went out in my area. This is where I collect the money, both the register and credit card machine were down. I had let people in and told them we'll find them and they could pay later. What is the likelihood that they would come back and pay? Actually I had three young ladies come back. They were insistent upon paying. It made me feel good that there were a few honest people out there. I told them most people would have just left. In this downward spiral we've seem to be in, and it's only going to get worse in California--it's nice to know that cyncism and taking advantage of a situation have not become the norm. All I can say is bless their hearts, and I hope good karma will continue to come their way.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dodger Blues

I've got the Dodger Blues, and not in a good way. Several weeks ago it came out that Manny Ramirez tested positive for a banned substance. My initial reaction was denial, and let's wait for all the facts to come out before we pass judgement. Then when I heard that the banned substance was one that someone takes when they are getting off of steroids--my heart sank. For the past couple of months, my apartment manager has been telling me "just you wait, it's going to come out next that Manny Ramirez took steroids". I took a let's wait and see. In the back of my mind it's seemed possible, but I hoped that it wasn't the case. That the effortless home runs that Manny hit were from natural talent. In some ways I think we've come to idolize people like singers, sports figures, politicians, etc as being god-like. As if they were untouchable from human frailties. I think we need to snap out of that mentality. Deep down we are all humans, we make colossal mistakes some times. However, like any good story we overcome, we make amends, we grow and become a better person. Although a few people might never grow up, I do believe that anything is possible. I came to a point where I had felt as if I was about to lose hope. Reading all these articles tearing Manny apart, asking for him to quit baseball, and saying that the team was going to suffer because he wasn't in it.

I'll admit I was concerned when the team starting losing games especially to the Nationals and the Giants. However, I do feel that a team is more than just one player. If one player can be the cause of a team winning a championship or losing out on one, then Kobe Bryant should have led the Lakers to a victory last year. It's not about one player, it's about a team. You need good defense just as much as you need a good offense. I think the Dodgers have both this year. They may not all be power hitters like Manny, but they can at least hit, steal bases, and catch the ball. If anything I feel like the players this year have a can do attitude. Last year it was more of a defeatist attitude, when they fell behind or tied a game they ended up losing. This year you can't count the team out. They could make 5 runs in one inning! I can't believe I would see the day when Juan Pierre was intentionally walked!!!

I await Manny's return with apprehension. Most people seem to think that when he gets back he's going to hit like he once did. Well, if history is any indicator his performance will tank. Then what will the Dodgers do? Will we trade for another power hitter? Are there any power hitters out there that aren't juiced? Time will tell! In the mean time I will keep going to games and cheering the team on. I'm even thinking of getting the JuanPierrewood t-shirt!

P.S. Can somebody explain to me why Frank McCourt believes people will pay $99 dollars for a t-shirt with the zip code on it, and two seats?