Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where GREED rules the day--Jon and Kate Plus 8

In one of my favorite movies Wall Street, Gordon Gecko says, "Greed is good". In the excessive media attention and saturation of the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, it's beginning to look as if everybody has taken that message to heart. The producers of the show to the title "stars" themselves. They've sold their souls for fame, money and good ol' fashion greed. It's quite disgusting actually, and I don't think I will be tuning in for this train wreck. I've avoided watching the new shows, because I believe reality shows are turning down a dark path. How badly do we want to see people self-destruct and hurt themselves? Is it entertaining to watch a family fall apart? I hope TLC can make the right decision and end this show. I don't think I can stomach the idea of these two people trying to keep a show going in order to fill their bank accounts.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Amazing NIght--06/02/09 Dodger Stadium

June 2, 2009 will be a day that will be forever etched into my memory. I went with my friend Karen to the Dodgers games vs the D-backs. We were both having a rough day, and were in desperate need of a good time. Boy, did we get one. It started out slow, by the time we entered the stadium one of the D-back players hit a grandslam. The score was 5-0. A glimmer of hope appeared when Andre Ethier hit a homerun. After that it seemed like the Dodgers were going nowhere fast offensively. In fact, a majority of the fans started leaving at the 7th inning. Defensively you had plays that stopped the D-back offense cold. Good plays were made by Casey Blake and Orlando Hudson. Hudson actually fell into the stands trying to catch a foul ball. He is definetly one of the best defensively that I have ever seen. To top the night was the come from behind win. James Loney hit a double and it brought three guys in to tie the game. Loney moved to third on a wild pitch. It all came down to Casey Blake, and he hit a single to drive Loney home. I can't describe the atmosphere or the feeling amongst the fans in the stands. It was one of those you would have had to be there (or should I say you should have stayed) to know what it was like. The best way for me to describe it is pure joy. We were all smiling, chanting, high-fiving each other, and it seemed like nothing could bring us down to earth. In these trying times, it's nice to be able to embrace your friend and share the joy of a Dodger win. Although, having a few dodgers dogs ain't that bad either.