Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9021 Oh-no?

I've been watching the new 90210 in great interest. I was a fan of the show in Jr. High and that was the show everybody talked about the next day. I have to admit I stopped watching when Brenda left. So I watched the premiere and had lukewarm feelings about it. I saw various areas where it could be interesting. However, the inclusion of characters from the first incarnation I feel are detrimental to the show. They in fact are more interesting than the characters on the show. The only exception being the characters Dixon and Silver. Looks like they might be trying to break them up. That would be a huge mistake, because the other major coupling doesn't click. Annie and Ethan who are suppose to be the new Brenda and Dylan of the show. They have zero chemistry. In fact, I rather like her with Ty. I heard he is coming back to the show. Hopefully this will be to get them together.