Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adam Lambert as portrayed in the music video For Your Entertainment

I have been busy with finals so there has been a huge gap between when all the Adam Lambert controversey began. However, I'd like to focus my attention on the music video for the song "For Your Entertainment". I got this odd sense while watching the video that there were things quite off about it. The best way to explain it is to say it didn't feel like he was being true to himself. I do not know if the video was made before or after his AMA performance, but it seemed like they had wanted to portray him as straight. He doesn't eye, touch or glance in the direction of a guy. However, the women in the video have their hands all over him. Will there every be a time that a gay man can be felt up by another man? He has outed himself in RollingStone, why does he have to deny who he is because people are uncomfortable? I'm tired of the double standard of seeing girl on girl action because that is considered more socially acceptable.

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