Saturday, June 23, 2012

Elephant in the Room: Suit against the Bachelor TV Show

I've read several commentaries about the suit brought against the Bachelor TV show for discriminating against African American contestants. Some try to argue why should there have to be people of color as contestants when you have individual niche networks like BET? What if the Bachelor has a preference for white people only? The real elephant in the room and what no one will be brave enough to acknowledge is that it is the advertisers pulling the strings. The problem with having an African American bachelor is some would think this means they would need to cast African American women as suitors. An advertiser may assume that since the show is all black no white people will tune in. Likewise, if they were to open the casting and have a diverse range of races represented it would mean we would have an interracial couple. That's another thing that worries advertisers, because there is a segment of the population that can't handle interracial couples and may tune out. The issue plain and simple is that advertisers are afraid of losing money due to two things: all black Bachelor/Bachelorette show or an interracial couple on show. Both things they fear will results in lost of viewership, which in turn would lead to a lose of revenue. How accurate are these beliefs? Why must we continue to believe these things are true?

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