Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cautiously optimistic: Sam and Addison

(If you haven't seen the Private Practice season finale proceed with caution. Spoilers ahead)
Have to admit that I was very close to being over Private Practice, but they had to go and suck me right back in. It all started with the Sam and Addison break up. I can understand if they broke up and it was for a believable reason. Trying to force someone to have a child by a certain time frame seemed rather unreasonable, and I felt like she needed more time to deal with her mother's death. She then proceeded to get involved with a new character played by Benjamin Bratt. You almost thought she was going to run away with him, and then boom there she was at the end in bed with Sam. Her resolution to their problem? She was going to have a baby on her own, but she was also going to stay in a relationship with Sam.

I believe that this is a brave decision on the part of the showrunner and writers to go this route. It would have been so easy to use Sam's reluctance to have children as a reason to break them up. I was fearing we would get the typical doomed interracial relationship. I still want to see them last and I like this twist in their relationship, but like I said I'm cautiously optimistic.

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