Monday, June 28, 2010

An Inspiration to All--Ghana soccer team

This is my first time watching the World Cup games, and I have to say I'm very excited about it all. No matter what I don't think the United States should regard what happened last Saturday as a failure. They had a wonderful run and I think great things are around the corner. I would like to focus on the Ghana soccer team for this post. I have a friend who is from the Ivory Coast. His soccer team was knocked out in the first round, and told me he would be supporting Ghana from here on out, because they were the last African team. He said that it didn't matter what their nationalities were because their victory was for all of Africa and not just Ghana. I thought what beautiful sentiment to have. He said they would be going to a Ghanaian restaurant that night to celebrate the win.

I have also read from fans of the Mexican team saying they were rooting for North America. Combining both U.S. and Mexico as teams to root for. Unfortunately, you will not hear Americans saying the same thing about Mexico. I doubt these same sort of feelings exist in other places. I don't see anything about France or England rooting for Germany as an expression of European unity. South Korea didn't throw their support behind Japan as an example of Asians supporting Asians regardless of nationality. What does this say about us? Are we way too nationalistic that we can not be happy or supportive of others who are not part of our nationality? We want to believe in these ideals, but we don't back up what we say. Are events like the World Cup and the Olympics making us more nationalistic and divisive instead of encouraging global unity?

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