Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth

I cannot describe how much I love the Torchwood series. It is one of the most well-written, and well-acted pieces of television, and yes I will go there and say I like it way more than BSG (remake version). Watching the mini-series left me speechless and wanting more. The show doesn't pull any punches; nor does it strive to be uplifting. It puts the characters into situations where the answers are never easy, and the choices can often be devastating. The thing that has always anchored the show from being completely depressing and without hopes is Eve Myles character Gwen. Her and her husband Rhys are a breath of fresh air in this series.

The story of Torchwood: Children of Earth can be described as aliens come down and demand 10% of Earth's children. We later learn that the children are like drugs for the aliens. According to one, "They give off chemicals. Chemicals are good." In what I thought was a very realistic and yet disgusting to contemplate at the same time was the meeting that the government had. One guy suggested they should choose randomly who they would give up. They decide nobody in the government should have to give up their children to the aliens. The talk then turns to those who are in schools that test poorly should be rounded up and offered to the aliens. After all, one politician stated that Britain should not give up their best, brightest, and most productive. The talk made me shudder in my seat; however, I can see their logic and no doubt believe if this was real life this kind of decision would get made.

I highly recommend you rent or put this DVD in your queue. It is not necessary to watch the previous seasons to understand the show. It will move you in ways you never thought possible. I heard it's been picked up for a fourth series, and I for one cannot wait!

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