Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can't smile without you

If you watch Hellboy II: The Golden Army this song will stick in your head. There's a scene where Abe and Hellboy are listening to romantic songs. Abe is trying to get in touch with his emotions. They're both drunk and they start singing this song "Can't Smile without You". It's hilarious and they both aren't that bad at singing. I really enjoyed this movie, the pacing and the action sequences. I have to give props to the actors, animatronics controllers (don't know what you call the people controlling the facial movements) who embody some of the creatures in this film. It's hard sitting for hours being made up or being stuffed into a costume. However, I find that their performances carry a level of nuance, and I also believe that actors do better when they have something to interact with. I for one am not a fan of complete CGI. I still think it looks fake and cartoonish. However, I am a fan of combining animatronics and CGI. A couple of years ago I went to an exhibit on animatronics in films. The Chronicles of Narnia employed this technique with Aslan. If you want to see an earlier example go watch Labyrinth. It's amazing what Jim Henson was able to do. It also is still one of my favorite movies of all time.

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