Thursday, January 24, 2008

All my Children is rocking with Angie Hubbard

It's been quite a rough year for All my Children. A lot of upheaval and stupid storylines. I can't blame the actors for wanting to leave. I have been watching soaps ever since I was a little kid and primarily ABC soaps. I listen at work on my tv radio from 12-4. I'm really don't like General Hospital and how it's being written. I prefer to instead talk about AMC and how much I love that Debbie Morgan is back as Angie Hubbard. She is breathing life into this show. I loved her opening scenes with Tad Martin. I teared up when she realized it was her son that was the patient she would be treating. I'm really interested in how they are going to work in Jesse. He had died from a gunshot wound and was a ghost on the show. Glad to have her back!

One thing I don't really care for is Rebecca Budig back as Greenlee. I have to admit that Sabine Singh grew on me and gave this character another side. Rebecca's acting is flat and lifeless and if they put her back Cameron Matheison's character I'm going to scream. Besides what is the point if she's only going to be on for a year?

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