Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Show to root for CBS Jericho

Some of you may have heard about the campaign to save Jericho from cancellation. I thought I would help aid the cause. I'm a late viewer myself to the show. I had heard an interview with Carol Barbee about how they came back from cancellation. CBS started to show re-runs on Friday. Honestly, not a very good idea and with little fanfare. Anyhow, I started watching them and I became hooked. If you want to watch an excellent show with good writing this is it. I posted a link in my blog to all the episodes. Also, Season 1 DVD is coming out this month so if you'd rather rent it and watch it on a bigger screen there you go.

The acting is top notch I really like the chemistry between Skeet Ulrich and Sprague Grayden (Heather). Skeet plays Jake who is the black sheep of the family who returns home to retrieve some inheritance money. Has he is about to leave town there is an explosion coming from Colorado. This prevents him from leaving town and he ends up rescuing a teacher, Heather and her students. Also, Lennie James plays Robert Hawkins a mysterious man with a satellite and a package that he buries in his basement. I'm only scratching the surface here, but there are a lot of memorable characters and tense situations.

I recommend that you watch the pilot and follow it up with the next episode. I don't think it's the strongest pilot I've seen and it may make you question if it's worth going to the next episode. Just be patient and the second episode will keep you wanting more.

Jericho on CBS - Video Archive

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